• Pack your vitamins!​ Personally, I swear by Juice Plus+. Made with freeze dried fruits and vegetables, a handful of these capsules every morning powers me with the nutrients of dozens of fruits and veggies. When you’re on the road, your daily consumption of fresh produce likely declines, and Juice Plus+ is the perfect way to boost your immune system and energy without packing your entire fridge with you. If you’re interested in trying, you can learn more ​here​!
  • Find an on-the-go workout routine.​ When traveling, I definitely don’t crush the same workouts I do at home, but I love to find a way to sweat at least a couple of the days I’m gone. ​Classpass​ is a great option for city trips, because you can swap your location with the tap of a button and try out a local class. But if you’re not a ClassPass member, just find a local studio and do a drop-in – many of them offer a discounted (or free!) rate for your first class, and “out-of-towner” packages ideal for an extended stay. I also love, love the ​Tone It Up app​ for quick and easy workouts you can do in your hotel room at any time!
  • Pick up some quick dry leggings.​ As much as I love packing in a sweat sesh on vacation, I hate packing my sweaty workout clothes with me throughout a trip. So, whenever I travel, I always pack my ​Booty By Brabants​ leggings. At one size fits all, the material on these leggings is super stretchy and dries quickly – perfect for the plane to the gym. Plus they are flattering on literally everyone. Get yours here! (pictured above!)
  • Pack your reusable water bottle. ​Plane travel can be super dehydrating. Plus when you’re on the go, you’re likely drinking a lot less water than you do when sitting (and sipping) at your desk all day. I have so many reusable water bottles, but my favorite is the ​Liquid Hardware​ vacuum insulated water bottle that I got from my stay at Amangani last year. It keeps cold cold and hot hot for so, so long. I usually pack this in my bag and fill it up at the airport before boarding – that way I have plenty of water to sustain me on the flight.
  • Try local healthy food spots.​ Healthy, real food is so IN right now. Which means when you’re traveling to a new city or location for work or for fun, it’s not all about trying that oversized ice cream sundae or local burger joint. You can research the trendy health spots for your destination and check them out – a great way to explore local favorites while still maintaining your healthy habits. And healthy doesn’t mean it’s not delicious!
  • Get Outdoors.​ Whether you’re in a city or at a resort, going for a long walk or jog is a great way to get in a lighter workout while getting out and seeing the sights. Sometimes on vacation, I don’t feel like doing a traditional workout in the gym, but easily rack up 5 miles walking around a city without even trying. If your location isn’t conducive to walking or jogging, look for other outdoor active options like kayaking, paddleboarding, snowshoeing, skiing, etc.
  • Book some time at the spa. Healthy isn’t just about exercise and eating right. Today we consider “wellness” to have many different meanings, and that includes taking care of ourselves. On vacation, you deserve that extra hour of sleep, a long hot bath, and some relaxing spa treatments. Stress takes such a toll on our well-being – not only mentally, but also physically. Taking care of your mind and your body will do wonders for your overall health.


Here we are in the beginning of July – ready for beach days, backyard BBQs and lots of ice cream. But believe it or not, it’s time to start thinking about the holidays. With work slowing down and kids on break from school, festive season is one of the most popular times of year to travel. To avoid limited availability and high pricing, it’s best to think ahead! Here are some of my favorite ideas for Festive 2019:


A lot of families will head off to the Caribbean or Mexico for some R&R over the holidays, but Costa Rica is a great alternative. The beaches on the Pacific coast are pristine, with great surfing and plenty of activities. For families looking to mix in some adventure with their beach retreat, you can easily include a few days in the rainforest or a trip to the Arenal volcano.


Snow can be a bit tricky in December – you never know if you’ll have a foot of powder or be skiing on ice. But Zermatt, in the Swiss Alps, is fairly reliable when it comes to early season snow. The snow depth in Zermatt at the beginning of the season has averaged 5+ feet over the last 8 years. Plus, Zermatt is easy to travel to via train from Zurich or Geneva. And once you’re there, you needn’t worry about a car in this quaint, pedestrian village. Bonuses: Views of the famed Matterhorn, cheese fondue, and Swiss hot chocolate!


I have a hard time imagining a more idyllic Christmas than one spent in the Cotswolds in the English countryside. With just a hop over the pond, you’ll live out your Downton Abbey dreams – attending horse races, shooting sporting clays or practicing falconry, and sipping spiced tea in the afternoons by the fire. Not to mention, you’ll get to enjoy all the delicacies of a traditional English Christmas – from Yorkshire pudding to mince pies!


If seeing the Northern Lights is on your life list, then head to Lapland in Northern Scandinavia. Though sunlight will be limited, there’s plenty to do – from polar plunges to Finnish saunas, mushing with huskies to searching for reindeer, snowmobiling to ice fishing – you’ll have the adventure of a lifetime. And the chance of seeing the majestic Aurora Borealis dance through the Arctic night sky is pretty high!

We have plenty more ideas on unique places to spend the holidays. We’d love to work with you on a memorable vacation – please contact us here to start planning!