You’ll find gift guides these days for every type of person, including avid travelers. But while many of those items seem cool and would make fun gifts, I never quite find myself going through with the purchase – whether I would actually use it always seems to be in question. For this gift guide, I’m sharing the items I actually pack and use on every trip! These gifts will be guaranteed to please the seasoned travelers in your life.

1 – Briggs & Riley Luggage – I know that everyone is on the AWAY train but I personally prefer soft luggage and Briggs & Riley is my favorite. These durable suitcases have plenty of pockets to stow all your belongings for a trip. And while these bags are an investment, they come with an unconditional lifetime warranty. I have the Spinners (carry-on and checked) and love them!

Photo Source: Briggs & Riley

2 – Packing Cubes – These are inexpensive and would make a great stocking stuffer – Amazon has a ton of options. I use these for every trip. They’re particularly great when you’re headed to two different destinations/climates on one vacation, as it allows you to easily segment your items so you can partially unpack at each place!

Photo Source: Amazon

3 – Passport Case – A must for international travel. So many options out there it’s hard to go wrong, but I love a subtle design such as this or this.

Photo Source: Anthropologie

4 – Inflatable Neck Pillow – Another non-conventional choice! So many people are passionate about their travel neck pillows. I personally like an inflatable option as it takes up less room in your suitcase on the remainder of your trip.

5 – Travel Journal – Ever since I was little, I’ve kept a handwritten journal of all my travels. I love reading these years later to relive the memories – sometimes they evoke even more than a photo. Rifle Paper products are some of my favorite and they have a range of designs to choose from. I’m loving this one!

Photo Source: Rifle Paper Co.

6 – Reusable Water Bottle – They never give you enough water on the plane in those tiny cups so I always bring my own bottle and fill it up at the airport before take-off. My favorite one is by Liquid Hardware – keeps colds cold and hots hot, seriously forever!

Photo Source: Liquid Hardware

7 – Lots of Pouches – I have pouches for literally everything – it helps me stay organized, especially while traveling. Mark & Graham has some great options that can be personalized.

Photo Source: Mark & Graham

8 – A Light Scarf – The plane can be hot, it can be cold – it’s a toss up these days, so I always have a light scarf with me. Keeping your neck warm makes a big difference. My favorite one is from Kate Spade (similar one here).

Photo Source: Kate Spade

9 – Kindle Paperwhite – Obviously a kindle is much more packing friendly than several hardcover books! And the lighting features make this an ideal choice for those who may have trouble with jet lag.

Photo Source: Amazon

10 – Herschel Laptop Sleeve – These Herschel laptop cases protect my computer without taking up too much room. I have the Heritage Sleeve in the Silver Birch Palm design and always get compliments!

Photo Source: Herschel

11 – Portable Phone Charger – My new iPhone’s battery life is incredible, but for those with older phones, a portable charger is a must.

Photo Source: Amazon

12 – Juice Plus – Traveling means you’re interacting with new germs on a daily basis. It also means you may not be eating as healthy as usually do. No one wants to get sick on vacation, so I always pack my Juice Plus. These capsules are made of freeze dried fruits and vegetables. Each daily dose is the nutritional equivalent of 30 different types of produce!

13 – Comfortable Walking Shoes – I always pack my New Balance sneakers, and typically also a pair of Tom’s (loving these since they look like chic loafers!). I recently splurged on a pair of Rothy’s loafers and have to say I’m very happy with these as well.

Photo Source: Rothy’s

14 – Kiehl’s Hydration Essentials – These products are the perfect size for traveling and will keep your skin hydrated on those long flights and varying climates!

Photo Source: Kiehl’s

Happy Gifting!!

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