How it Works

If you are interested in working with ATLAS + VALISE on your next vacation, please first complete the Plan A Trip form on our site and we will be in touch within 48-72 hours to begin the process. While each customer experience is completely unique and tailored to your needs, a general process outline is as follows:

  1. DESIGN: This phase is all about getting to know you - your likes and dislikes, wow moments from your favorite trips, must-have amenities, your travel wishlist and so on. Your time off is limited and valuable and we're here to ensure every minute of your vacation exceeds your expectations.
  2. PROPOSAL: Next, we begin the creative process. Leveraging  our expertise and preferred partnerships with global suppliers, we put together a completely customized proposal for your trip, including an itinerary and price estimate. But this is just the starting point!
  3. REVIEW + REVISE: We absolutely love to collaborate with our clients. Just because you are working with a travel professional, does not mean you aren't integrally involved in the planning process.  In this phase, we review the proposal with you and then refine and adjust the trip based on your input.
  4. FINALIZE + BOOK: Once the itinerary has the final seal of approval, we confirm all of your reservations, process deposits and manage payment schedules.
  5. PREP + PLAN: Our work doesn't stop there, we will assist you with any further preparations for your trip including country entry requirements, packing suggestions, recommended restaurants, etc.
  6. BON VOYAGE: While you are away, we're checking in behind the scenes with our suppliers to ensure that all is going smoothly.
  7. FEEDBACK: We love to debrief after a trip and receive valuable feedback from our clients. This further fuels our understanding of your needs and desires so we can curate your next vacation with an even more personalized approach.


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