Planning Packages

Please see below for a list of our current services and associated fees. All work is customized and fees may vary with the complexity of each request.


Hotel / Villa Only: From $50 - Provide a selection of curated hotel or villa options; compare room type options, confirm availability & pricing; secure reservation with potential Virtuoso or preferred partner benefits; arrange requested hotel concierge services (i.e. transfers, dining reservations) and provide a customized digital travel itinerary.

Itinerary Planning - Standard: From $250 - Design a fully customized itinerary for your independent travel, including several hotels, transportation, tours and personalized recommendations to be incorporated into your digital travel itinerary.

Itinerary Planning - Full Service: From $450 - Includes all services from the standard bundle, plus extra concierge services such as dining suggestions / reservations, spa bookings, theatre or sports tickets, etc.

Escorted Tour / Cruise - From $150 - Provide a selection of curated tour options; confirm availability and pricing; secure reservation; arrange transfers and provide a customized digital travel itinerary. Pre + Post tour/cruise services can be included for an additional fee, from $100.



Air Fee: $50 per person per flight - Provide a selection of flight options; confirm availability, pricing and seating; secure reservation.

Air Change Fee: $35 per person per flight - Covers modifications, refunds or ticket exchanges.

*Air fees are always charged when booking air travel on your behalf, whether it be a single air booking or in conjunction with a larger customized itinerary.



Itinerary Change Fee: From $150 - Modify itinerary services after bookings have been made; confirm terms of the change; finalize new dates/services and re-secure the reservation.

Trip Cancellation Fee: From $250 - Cancel all finalized bookings; confirm terms of the cancellation and secure refunds and credits when applicable.