When it comes to packing, I absolutely love to travel with carry-on only. Sure for a longer trip, checked luggage is often necessary, but I have successfully spent a week in Europe with only a carry-on and I’m proud of it. The benefit to this is the ease in traveling – you go through airports like a breeze (no need to wait at the baggage claim), transferring flights on a tight connection is no worry (if you make it, you know your bag made it!) and you’re not struggling on trains, in cabs or down the street walking to your hotel. The key to being successful with carry-on packing is planning. When I start to pack for a trip, I look at the activities or events planned for each day and select my clothes accordingly. I go for neutrals and staples that can mix and match with each other over certain days. I stick to comfortable, practical shoes and layer in a fun scarf or jewelry to spice up my outfits and add variety from one day to the next.

This packing philosophy is one of the reasons I’m so excited to announce a new ATLAS+VALISE partner, Anatomie. They make travel-friendly clothing in lightweight, high quality European fabrics. Everything is versatile, wrinkle-free, comes in a variety of key neutrals and is perfect for layering. I recently purchased a pair of pants, a jacket and a top (see pic above) and am totally a convert. I could see dressing this outfit down with sneakers for daytime sightseeing and then sprucing it up with some booties and fun earrings for a night out to dinner. The clothes are stretchy, soft and comfy, but they look classy – it’s everything you could want while traveling! All ATLAS + VALISE readers and clients can receive 15% off ALL Anatomie clothing by shopping at this link and using discount code: VIPJENNYH. If you have questions on products or want to talk to a company rep to see what pieces might work best for your body type, that is also a great service they offer – please just reach out to me and I can connect you with my own fabulous personal shopper!

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